PUBG Saarang

For the first time ever PUBG Mobile is coming to Saarang! Team up with friends or fellow participants to battle it out for ₹58,000 in prizes.

Anyone in India can participate online or at Saarang! There are two competitions: PUBG Casual (a duos event with daily prizes) and PUBG Knockout (a squad-based knockout tournament). Saarang will be hosting the competition on Rune, a new app for mobile gamers to find fun teammates to play with.

PUBG Casual

Use Rune to find fun teammates or invite your friends to play on Rune. Connect on Rune's voice chat and play PUBG duo together to win daily prizes. ₹38,000 in prizes!!

PUBG Knockout

Team up in squads of 4 and play in the knockout tournament. The winner takes all — a grand prize of ₹20,000!

Details and Rules

PUBG Casual

Deadline for entry

None. But the earlier you sign up, the more chances you have at winning ;)


Play online from anywhere in India


10 to 13 January (open: noon to 6pm IST)
14 to 27 January (open: evenings IST)


Teams of 2 playing PUBG duo together

Prize Money

All competitors will be entered into a daily lottery with each day having a new fun PUBG challenge — total prize pot of ₹38,000

PUBG Knockout

Team up into squads of 4 and take part in an elimination tournament. The winners will be crowned PUBG Champions of Saarang and rewarded with the grand prize of ₹20,000!

Deadline for entry

11:59PM on 12th January (updated deadline). Limited spots, sign up ASAP!


10 to 13 January


Squads of 4 will battle it out in our custom Saarang servers consisting of 25 teams (100 competitors) each. The top four teams from each round will proceed to the next stage

Prize Money

Winning squad receives ₹20,000 (₹ 5,000 for each player)


Q: Can I play both PUBG Knockout and PUBG Casual?

A: Yes, absolutely!!

Q: Do I need to be at Saarang to participate?

A: No, you do not have to be at Saarang. Anyone in India can particpate either online or at Saarang! We welcome both casual and competitive gamers.

Q: Can I still join PUBG Casual after the 10th? Will I still be eligible for prizes?

A: Yes and yes. You can join anytime, have fun playing games and be eligible for the daily prizes.

Q: Do I need a teammate to play PUBG casual?

A: No, Rune will find you teammates to play with. Just sign up and get started!

Q: Do I have a bigger chance of winning PUBG Casual if I play more?

A: Yes! Prizes are drawn based on activity so you are more likely to win if you play more. You have to be on Rune's voice chat while playing for it to increase your chances of winning.

Q: What time of day can I participate in PUBG Casual?

A: PUBG Casual has time windows for you to play. This makes for a more fair competition and makes it easier to find teammates. They are noon to 6pm IST during Saarang (9th to 13th January) and 7pm to midnight IST afterwards (until 27th January).

Q: Can I use Rune outside the PUBG Casual time windows?

A: Rune's "quick match" functionality will be closed outside the PUBG Casual time window. To be eligible to win the prize money, you must play within the time window.

Q: Do I need to play with the same team throughout the competition?

A: For PUBG Casual, it's completely up to you! You can play with someone new every time or the same person throughout the competition. For PUBG Knockout you must play with the same team that you signed up with using the signup form above.

Q: When will the PUBG Knockout rounds take place?

A: The PUBG Knockout rounds will take place between 10th and 13th January. Once you have registered, Saarang will reach out with details on the timings of the rounds and how to access our servers.

Q: What is Rune?

A: Founded at MIT, Rune is an app that helps mobile gamers find fun teammates to play with and connects them on voice chat. It can be used with existing friends and new ones. Rune is excited to partner with Saarang and would love to get your feedback on how we can make your gaming experience more awesome!

Q: Where can I download the Rune app?

A: You can get Android version here: iOS version is coming soon! :)

Q: Who do I contact if I have any additional questions about the event?

A: Reach out to the Saarang Gaming team at if you have any questions.

Q: I'm facing technical issues!

A: Just write us at and we'll get back to you ASAP.